Windows Phone 7 Launch

Microsoft officially luanched its new smartphone brand "Windows Phone" today. While I usually don't re-blog / link-blog I do want to mark the occasion and I can't really add much to the following content:

As a developer, I'm super excited about the new platform and have a couple of ideas in the works. However, I am a little dishearted by the fact that, at the RTM, we (developers) have no api access to the microphone, compass, the video stream from the camera, or user data files (like music and video the user loads onto the device). This is limiting, for sure. However, those things should be coming with a software update.

I am excited to see the number of devices (10 by my count) announced today. Also, the price of most of them ($199 w/contract) seems reasonable compared to competing phones.

Anyway, enjoy the content I linked to, above and know that I hope to post some developer content about the phone... just as soon as I can get my hands on one.

Oh yea, there's also this: (Funny Commercial)