Major Bug in Stripes 2.0 for Those Upgrading From Previous Versions

Update 5/3/2011: The fix (version 2.1) has been published to the market place. You should be able to start downloading it whenever your country's marketplace refreshes.

Well, it had to happen, eventually. There is a major bug in Version 2.0 of Stripes that is affecting users that upgrade from a previous version. Because some internal data structures have changed, when the old application state is pulled into the new application, items are missing and the application can crash when searching for a barcode.

Stripes 2.0 for Windows Phone

The latest version of Stripes (2.0) brings the following changes:

The good news is that the next version of Windows Phone (“Mango” is the code name) will allow developers to embed the camera in their application. That means, Stripes will have “live scanning” capabilities! Microsoft says we can expect this update in the fall of 2011.

What Order Do Navigation Methods Get Called in Windows Phone?

Recently, I was asked which gets called first: the Application_Launching, Application_Activated, Application_Deactivated, and Application_Closing events or the page-specific OnNavigatedTo and OnNavigatedFrom overrides. It turns out, the answer is – both.

When the application first runs from the start screen, Application_Launching gets called first. Then, the page-specific OnNavigatedTo gets called.

Quick Tip: Find your Windows Phone Wifi MAC

I recently had to find the mac address of the Windows Phone I was using for a demo. I needed to connect to Wifi and the venue filtered connections by MAC.

Here are the steps to make it happen:

How the TextBox InputScope Affects the Windows Phone SIP (On-Screen Keyboard)

When writing a Windows Phone 7 application in Silverlight, you will find a property on every TextBox control called “InputScope.” The primary use of this property is to alter the way the Software Input Panel (SIP or on-screen keyboard) works. Depending on what you set its value to, the SIP will include certain character sets, auto-complete features, and can auto-capitalize phrases and words for you. There’s no question you should be using this built-in feature. However, sometimes it’s hard to remember what each value of the InputScopeNameValue Enumeration actually does.

As it turns out, Microsoft lists only 10 modes the SIP can be put into. Below, you will find a screenshot of each and a list of the InputScope values associated with each.

Stripes 1.4 for Windows Phone

Version 1.4 was just released to the Marketplace. It brings the following updates:

As always, bug reports and image detection problem reports are welcome. Please comment here or use the "Contact" link in the menu.

Stripes 1.3 for Windows Phone

I uploaded the latest version of Stripes (1.3) to the Marketplace last night. This version brings a few improvements, including:

Right now, I am constrained by the very limited camera API on all Windows Phone devices. Microsoft has promised regular updates to the platform and I am hopefull that direct camera access will become available in a future release. However, until then, a "live" barcode scanner (one in which the video from the camera is examined until a barcode is found) is impossible. Also, there is no way to modify the camera settings or save them for future use, either. Believe me when I say I am anxiously awaiting an update to this particular API. Are you listening, Microsoft?

Windows Phone 7 Launch

Microsoft officially luanched its new smartphone brand "Windows Phone" today. While I usually don't re-blog / link-blog I do want to mark the occasion and I can't really add much to the following content: