Stripes 2.0 for Windows Phone

The latest version of Stripes (2.0) brings the following changes:

  • Fixed crash bug with certain ISBN numbers and QR codes
  • Added option to use GPS and search for local stores carrying the product scanned
  • Added option to use regional search services for better, localized results
  • Added ability to rename history items and delete individual items from history (touch and hold on an item for a context menu)
  • Added support for two new languages (German and Spanish)
  • Added error reporting to aid in diagnosing support issues
  • Enhanced detection of barcodes in photos where the barcode is rotated by 90 degrees

The good news is that the next version of Windows Phone (“Mango” is the code name) will allow developers to embed the camera in their application. That means, Stripes will have “live scanning” capabilities! Microsoft says we can expect this update in the fall of 2011.