Stripes 1.3 for Windows Phone

I uploaded the latest version of Stripes (1.3) to the Marketplace last night. This version brings a few improvements, including:

  • Searching will optionally (prompts the user) defer to the phone's built-in search facility if nothing can be found through Stripes
  • Added a "Settings" page with an option to examine images more thoroughly. This should increase the likelihood of finding a barcode in an image where the barcode doesn't fill a majority of the frame.
  • Fixed a potential detection bug that may have kept some barcode types from being discovered in images
  • Added better support for UPC-E barcodes (the shorter version found on some food products, like soda cans)
  • Added additional QRCode functionality and 2-D / Data Matrix support (both are still a work in progress)
  • Added contact information to the bottom of the "Help" page
  • Prices for products are now sorted in ascending order

Right now, I am constrained by the very limited camera API on all Windows Phone devices. Microsoft has promised regular updates to the platform and I am hopefull that direct camera access will become available in a future release. However, until then, a "live" barcode scanner (one in which the video from the camera is examined until a barcode is found) is impossible. Also, there is no way to modify the camera settings or save them for future use, either. Believe me when I say I am anxiously awaiting an update to this particular API. Are you listening, Microsoft?

Let me also say "thank you" to the many people that are using Stripes. I hope it is a useful tool and will continue work to make it more useful, as the Windows Phone platform evolves. Please leave a comment here or contact me on Twitter @Centrolutions with your feedback.